Home is the temple of the family; it should be made with great respect and absolute care. It has to sustain multiple generations and yet be strong enough to last beyond long times to come. Padma colony started initially with a small step with its very first building Project at Sitapaila Kathmandu. Our first and foremost aim being to provide cozy homes, with high quality that meets the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. We highly regard and value what we are building and do it with utmost care, as it is a sacred place for a family who will inhabit it in the near future. We shall not build just normal homes; we shall build an empire, where every owner is a king of his castle. When our customer feels so, it would make us proud. Invoking the blessings of the divine, we lay each brick and mortar that will be the dream of your lifetime and an abode for your living.

With our new venture – Padma Colony Sitapaila III phase, we are bringing in our unique ethos of innovation to the Nepalese housing sector to deliver high-quality spaces. Having tasted success in various sectors, we are now targeting all our energies and business expertise into introducing uniquely-crafted, premium individual housing units to the Nepalese market. Additionally after the recent experience of smashing earthquake, we are focusing ourselves in meeting each and every single governmental and engineering criteria while building the house. It’s our vision to deliver spaces, which are brilliantly unique in conception and yet fully compliant with all building norms. I am sure that our strength in conjunction with our perseverance and pious nature towards quality will help the outcome emerge in flying colors.

I look forward to welcome you all at Padma Colony!

Thank You!

Raju Prasad Kadel
Executive Chairman